Sick of "the tech stuff" standing in the way of you making a solid online income? Just wish the grunt work took less time, and cost less money? Then let me show you...

"How To Have Your Own Hot Website Up In Minutes And Start Cashing In Online While Everybody Else Sweats"

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I'll Hand You The Tool To Do It, And Make It Literally As Easy As Clicking Your Mouse A Few Times...Even If You Have No Experience And Are Frustrated Out Of Your Mind

In just a few minutes, I'll show you how easy it can be to build your own empire of sites that pour money into your accounts even while you're off having fun.

It is NOT hard when you have the right tools.
It is NOT expensive when your tool does the hard work that usually costs a ton.
It is NOT frustrating when it "just works" and creates eye-popping websites in minutes.

Sound like a pipe dream? Not hardly. You'll believe me in just a few minutes when you devour this entire page. Get ready for an earthquake...


Dear Future Successful Marketer,

Have you been trying to figure out how to start your own Internet business?

Or have you already attempted to start one, and found yourself frustrated out of your mind by all the stuff you had to do and learn before you could even get something off the ground?

I know the feeling.

It can be the most frustrating thing in the world to see the huge opportunity of the Internet, but not know how to claim a slice of that pie for yourself.

I created Easy Website Creator
To Help People Just Like You!

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the idea of making money on the Internet, or if you’ve tried and failed before because you felt like you were drowning in information and technical jargon, or even if you’re going ok online but feel like you could be experiencing much greater growth and profits.

Whatever your background, Easy Website Creator can help you get your Internet business started fast—literally in minutes, and help it move from strength to strength with ease.

As a little background...

How's The Economy Looking?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the world economy isn’t doing so well right now. Most people feel like they’re hanging onto their jobs by a tiny thread that could get cut at any time.

And that means lots of people are trying to figure out how to make extra money, or maybe find a more secure source of income.

If you do a little searching with Google and you’ll find just about every Internet money making scheme you can imagine. It’s insane.

But here’s where my experience can help you get past all the hype and junk you’ll find out there.

You see, I have been creating products for people trying to get their start online, or trying to making running an online business easier, for a few years now.

Those people almost always hit a brick wall very early in the process, especially if they’re relatively new to the Internet, or aren’t some kind of Silicon Valley techno-geek.

But look at what is possible for the people that can get over that wall...

Proof #1

An Automated
$1229.50 per week!


Proof #2

Another $120+
Every Single Day!


The Online Business Brick Wall Hurts!

First, you have to have something to sell, and that usually means a digital product of some kind.

Now, are you an expert writer? Can you make killer videos that look and sound professional? Can you create all kinds of cool looking graphics that make your products stand out from the crowd? If not, prepare to be extremely frustrated, because you’re going to have to end up with most or all of that to have a winning product.

A lot of people can get past that, though, assuming they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars to hire product creators to make them a winner. But the second part of the brick wall is the one that really kills most people’s Internet dreams.

There’s just a lot of stuff to do to set up an Internet business. Selling things online has some definite advantages over selling things in a physical store, but it’s not work-free.

You’ll have to create a website to sell your product, for example.

Do you know HTML? Can you find your way around a web server, assuming you even know what one of those is? Can you build graphics into your pages to make them look great? Oh, and can you create those graphics for yourself?

And here’s a big one...can you write the sales copy and other types of copy (like emails) that you’ll need to sell your product like there’s no tomorrow?

If you can’t do that, you’ll quickly be pulling your hair out as you’re buried in all of the technical jargon and just plain technical know-how you have to have to get your site set up. It’s a mess, and there’s no getting around it. You absolutely must have a site, and that means you’ll either have to create it yourself or hire people to create what you need.

That’s where things can really start adding up. Think about the costs of what I'm talking about.

Creating A Product Takes Forever
And Can Cost You Your Firstborn

Creating a product can cost literally thousands of dollars, like I’ve already said. Take something as simple as an ebook, for example.

Unless you can create it yourself, you’ll have to hire somebody to write it. Have you hired a ghostwriter lately? Prepare to spend well over two thousand dollars for an ebook with enough good content to sell well.

And you’ll need somebody to create nice graphics for your book. That means things like ecovers to include on your sales page. Those graphics have to look great and integrate well with the rest of your site.

You’ll be shelling out at least another few hundred dollars for those. And we’re not even to your website yet!

A Great Website Can Cost You Everything Else

Setting up a site if you don’t know what you’re doing can take weeks to figure out. Hiring somebody makes a lot of sense, but it can empty your wallet faster than identify theft.

You can hire somebody to set up the basics of a site for a few hundred bucks, but you can’t stop there. You’ll need to integrate your autoresponder so you can create and maintain an email mailing list for your business. Add some more setup money for that.

You’ll also need to build in your payment processor so you can take credit card payments for your product. Integrating something like ClickBank isn’t really hard, but if you’ve never done it before, it can seem like trying to understand Egyptian hieroglyphics. So add some more setup money for that.

And then you’ll need to figure out how you can build in multiple ways to make money from visitors to your site. That means things like AdSense or other types of ads, CPA offers, and on and on. You’ll need to understand those things, and be able to build them in. Do you know how to do it? Then get ready to spend more money to pay somebody who does.

Last, but probably biggest of all, you’ll need that sales copy we mentioned before. You’ve probably seen sales copy that made a product sound great, and gave you an almost irresistible urge to take out your wallet and buy a product. That’s what you need, and unless you’re a professional copywriter who can create that kind of profit pulling copy yourself, you’ll have to hire somebody to do it.

That’ll break the bank. Even a cheap copywriter can charge well over fifteen hundred dollars for a sales page, and the good ones can easily charge three thousand, five thousand or more.

And that’s not all the copy you’ll need either. You’ll also want copy for upsells and one-time offers, not to mention the copy for all of the other pages you’ll need for your site, like a privacy policy and other things.

By the time you’re done buying all of this, you can easily have spent ten grand...and you haven’t sold a thing yet!

That's The Ugly Downside Nobody Talks About

That’s the downside of starting an Internet business that most people selling you business systems don’t talk about.

Unless you’ve got an extra ten thousand dollars sitting around, you've got to take a huge financial risk. And who’s got that kind of money these days? Certainly not most people looking to start an Internet business.

Lots of people do indeed spend that money, though, and they end up being frustrated, and poorer too.

After hearing all of that, you might think starting an Internet business is crazy, or that it’s hopeless to think it can ever work.

That’s really not true. But it is true that you need to solve a couple problems before you can be successful at this.

You've Got To Solve A Couple Problems

First, you have to figure out how to get started without having your own product. Creating a product is hard for most people to do, and it’s simply too expensive to pay somebody else to create it for you.

Second, you have to find a way to get yourself a website without hiring somebody to create one, and without spinning your wheels to create one yourself. Like I said, it’s crazy expensive to pay technical experts, website designers and copywriters to create websites for you. And doing it yourself?

Well, let’s just say that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned by creating products for people is that most people are scared to death about how much they have to do to set up an Internet business. The technical stuff all by itself gives them nightmares. So most people give up before they see any success at all.

Now, if you're thinking there's no light at the end of this l-o-n-g tunnel...let me flip the switch for you!

Introducing Easy Website Creator:
Your Shortcut To An Affiliate Marketing Empire

This thing takes all the pain away.

The key is having a business model that saves you from the time, expense and risk of creating your own product, and at the same time saves you from the time, expense and frustration of having to set up your own website.

Easy Website Creator does both. It gives you a business model based on Internet marketing, which incorporates promoting other people’s products for a share of the profits, known as affiliate marketing, as well as having your own products to sell. And it lets you build fantastic complete websites as easily as you follow microwave cooking instructions.

Look, I know that hype and stupid over-promising is making you suspicious of just about everything out there. I know you want to know exactly what Easy Website Creator will give you, and whether or not it’ll work.

I am absolutely confident that Easy Website Creator will shock you with how good it is. But here’s what I'm not going to do...

I'm not going to slap you with story after story about how Easy Website Creator will make you a millionaire faster than winning a game show
I'm not going to tell you that this is “the” answer to all your problems, or that if you don’t get this, you’ll fail and be miserable

Why? Because none of that is true. Well, maybe you can make a ton of money with Easy Website Creator, but a lot of that is up to you.

What we will say is that Easy Website Creator gets you past the two biggest hurdles most new Internet marketers struggle with. You’ll blow right by them like they’re not even there.

This isn’t a recycled, unhelpful, junky product that promises the world and leaves you feeling frustrated.

Sounds Great...But What The Heck Is It?

It’s software. More specifically, it’s web-based software that you don’t even have to install on your own computer. You just log into your account and use the tool. Couldn’t be simpler.

What’s going to blow your doors off, however, is what this easy to use web-based software tool lets you do.

I mentioned affiliate marketing a minute ago. If that’s not familiar to you, it’s really easy to understand.

Somebody else does all the hard work to create a product.

You promote that product on your own website, and send people to the product sales page through what’s called your affiliate link.

When somebody clicks your link and ends up buying the product, you get a commission for referring the sale.

It’s one of the best Internet business models out there. You don’t have to mess with creating a product, which you’ve just heard can cost an arm and a leg. But that still leaves you with the problem of creating your own website.


Easy Website Creator Actually
Creates Your Entire Website For You In 15-30 Minutes

That's no joke. It'll create your very own affiliate product promotion sites. Here’s what that means...

A product promotion site is your own website. You own it, you run it, you control it. But the purpose of the site is to promote one or more affiliate products. And Instant Site Launcher lets you create a site like this as easily as you order a product online. Make a few choices, pick some options, and out comes your gorgeous site.

That’s because I have made this so simple a kid can do it. You’ll create your site through a wizard that guides you through every option you need to choose to create an entire website in just 15-30 minutes.

You won’t have to deal with any of the technical stuff. You don’t need to know HTML, or stylesheets or anything like that. And you don’t have to worry about creating the graphics, or having them look nice on the final site. The software takes care of it all for you.

All you’ll need to do is choose which site template you want the software to use, and then configure a few things about the template. It’s drop-dead simple.

Let’s take an example of promoting products in the golf niche. What would you need to do that well?

You’d need at least a single landing page that would present several different products, along with helpful reviews of each one and a recommendation. Or you might choose a different kind of site that has not only review pages, but also some pages with articles about various golf topics.

Either way, Instant Site Launcher has you covered, because you can pick either template. It’s your choice. And you’ll get all the other pages you need too. That means for every site you create you’ll get:

Each Instant Site Launcher Website Includes:
A home page with an attractive layout and cool integrated graphics that make it look great
A sitemap page, which will make your site an excellent target for search engines like Google, and make your site easy for searchers to find
A privacy policy page to make the trade authorities happy that you’re handling people email addresses correctly
A terms of service page to give you some legal protection
And if you choose a template that has articles, you’ll also get article pages to help you target keywords in your chosen niche

That’s a complete site. I could say you don’t have to lift a finger to get it, but that’s not quite true. You do have to lift a finger, and that’s just about all you have to do. Make a few choices, click your mouse a few times and out comes your complete website!

And I’ll let you use it to create unlimited sites. Yep, you heard that right, unlimited. There are templates that enable the ongoing, unlimited usage of Instant Site Launcher. How’s that for opportunity and income potential?!

Think about this for a minute...

You Can Create A Beautiful, Professional Website
In The Time It Takes You To Eat Lunch

You’re not going to have to know anything technical to do it. In fact, you literally have to know nothing about how to create a website, including how to promote products effectively.

The software does all of that for you, and spits out a fully formed website that will promote a single product, three different products, or indeed, as many products as your heart desires.

The products you’ll be promoting are proven winners in all sorts of hot niches, like

-> Dating
-> Golf
-> Internet Marketing
-> Dog Training
-> Weight Loss
-> World of Warcraft
-> And much, MUCH more...

Even better, you won’t have to know anything about FTP or putting files on your web server. The software handles that for you behind the scenes. All you have to do is tell it the FTP login information that your web hosting company gives you and it’ll load the files automatically.

The "Tech Knowledge" You Need? Zip Nothin'!

There some things related to but separate from your website that you’ll need to run your internet marketing business. That means things like an autoresponder for managing your subscriber list.

Don’t worry about that stuff! The Instant Site Launcher wizard walks you through it all, and it’ll recommend the best tools every time you need one.

You don’t have to trust me about which one is best, but you’ll see that’s a smart move. Check these other services out for yourself and you’ll see that my years of experience have indeed helped us point you in the right direction.

When you take one of our recommendations and sign up for one of those things through a link in Instant Site Launcher, I’ll get a commission for it, because I'm promoting those products as an affiliate.

But that makes sense, doesn’t it? I am telling you that Internet marketing is a great business model, so all I am doing is taking my own advice. And I am not going to recommend junk just to make a buck. I want you to love the sites Instant Site Launcher creates for you, so I am only going to recommend the best tools.

Now, to get one potential legal concern out of the way...

Your Sites Will Be Fully FTC Compliant
(In Other Words, No Worrying About The Feds)

You’ve probably heard some rumblings about new rules from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The new rules have people in a tizzy about whether or not Internet marketing is dead.

Heck no, it’s not dead! All the new rules mean is that you have to be up front when you promote a product as an affiliate. A perfect example is what we just told you about us getting a commission. That’s all you have to do. The FTC wants you to be honest when you’re promoting a product, and we’re going to make that easy.

Every single site you create with Instant Site Launcher will be fully compliant with the new FTC regulations. That means you’ll have disclosures for all of your affiliate links. So you can rest easy.

Let's Review What You're Getting

You’re getting full access to the Instant Site Launcher software that walks you through a simple wizard to create jaw-droppingly gorgeous websites in just minutes.

That’ll get you past the two biggest stumbling blocks that hold most people back when they’re trying to start an Internet business:

You won’t have to worry about creating your own product, because you’ll be promoting affiliate products that already exist and sell like mad.

And you won’t have to struggle with creating your own website, because Instant Site Launcher makes it push-button simple to create a gorgeous site in literally 15-30 minutes.

That’s as close as you’ll get to a business in a box.

Worried About Getting Traffic To Your Sites? Don't Be!

Look, traffic is just about the Holy Grail of any online business.

You could slap up a site offering legit cancer cures, but if nobody sees it, you won't make a penny. That's just the cold, hard truth.

So you might be thinking Easy Website Creator is wonderful, but sort of gets you halfway across the bridge, only to find the rest of the bridge drops off into oblivion.

Don't worry! I won't leave you hanging like that, especially when it comes to the lifeblood of your Internet dreams.

I provide complete step-by-step video training that walks you through all of the top free and paid traffic methods that will send waves of traffic flooding to your websites.

This Sounds GREAT! So How Much?

We said before that we’re not going to promise this will make you rich, and we’re sticking to our word on that. But do some quick math...

Suppose you use Instant Site Launcher to set up just one site, and that your site promotes a single product.

If you get 100 visitors to that site using all sorts of free techniques, and just one of them buys the product your recommend, you’ll get one affiliate sale every day.

If you get a $25 commission for that sale, that means you can see a profit of $25 per day. Will you see that much? I can’t say, because we don’t know what you’re going to do with Instant Site Launcher. But if you did, would making an extra nine thousand dollars next year on autopilot help you over the financial rough spots?

And if you did the same thing for 10 sites, or more, would 10 times that amount of extra income help you kiss your day job goodbye? Probably.

With that in mind, you might think I'm going to charge $2997 for this. I certainly could, and it would still be a bargain. You’d probably pay more than that just for the copy on a single site, and you’re getting unlimited usage!

But you won’t pay that much. Actually, you won’t even pay $297, although that’s easily what you’d pay outsourcers to create an entire review site for you.

You’ll pay only $22.00 for complete access to Easy Website Creator and the Instant Site Launcher Software, which will let you generate a range of professional websites, like review sites, CPA offers and squeeze pages, in around an hour, all without breaking a sweat or knowing anything technical at all.

I'm Confident About Easy Website Creator,
And We Want You To Be As Well

I created the tool, and I know how good it is. I also know we could charge five times the price and have it be worth every penny.

But we want you to be as confident as we are, so i'll stand behind your purchase with our...

Auto Launch Your Profits,
Or Rob Me Blind Guarantee

GuaranteeTry out Easy Website Creator with zero risk for 30 days. And I mean really try it.

Create your websites during that time, get them out there and send traffic to them. Keep all those profits — they’re all yours.

Within 30 days, if you’re if you’re not completely happy with Easy Website Creator, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

See why this is so exciting? Here's all you need to do...

YES! I Want Easy Website Creator!

Get complete access to everything immediately for one easy payment of $22.00

You'll get full access to the Instant Site Launcher software, the templates for your sites, and every last bit of the training (and traffic help) you need.

Wishing you success with your websites,



P.S. Things like Easy Website Creator don't come along every day. When they do, you need to grab on with both hands and ride them all the way to the bank! This software and all that goes with it make it EASY to get your own affiliate marketing empire up and running in a fraction of the time it takes otherwise. It's just a few mouse clicks away. Make it happen!

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